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About us

We work with the maritime works corporations and the authorities of the world of the sea, to optimization and safeguarding of maritime and port infrastructure. Our corporation based on the Atlantic littoral near to Bordeaux and established in 2003 is specialized in the maritime and harbor high-quality equipment, resulting from the most powerful industries of the world.

The diversity of our partners and their geographical location allows us to multiply the proposed solutions for each work and this at the international level.

Our skills

The study, design, supply, the council, training and maintenance in the fields of the maritime, harbor and river equipment.

Our customers

Major seaports, Navy, ship-owners, civil engineering, and public works, companies of underwater work, oil companies, research departments and the whole of the maritime authorities.

The authenticity

In an increasingly demanding universe, with more complex parameters, we built our reputation on the authentic character of our company. In all integrity and in the purest transparency we do not have to use artifices to market our systems.

Our values

The open-minded, with the permanent listening of our market and our customers, we care for permanent research and the attention to detail. The success of a project for us is first and foremost a collective success. Emulation generated by each project will often lead to innovations and improvement of our systems.

Our goal

The trust of our customers, the establishment of a durable relation, and the accumulation of experience feedbacks, permanently push us to questioned, which supports our spirit of creativity, and stimulates our team.