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Our company, based in Bordeaux (France) specializes in marine very high-quality equipment from leading industries of the world.

Official representative of SUMITOMO Rubber Industries Japan for the France and the whole French-speaking territories, we operate in the domains of berthing as mooring as well and we have built a solid reputation at the international level.

Sumitomo gives importance to the quality of its rubber and its supplies, and does not hesitate to submit them to the most efficient testing: After a visual inspection of the fenders quality and a series of full measures, each series is subject to a compression test according to the PIANC Guidelines. Each fender is compressed three times to its maximum deflection capacity; it will be derived from this test the series deflection curve.

Rigorously selected SUMITOMO‘s rubber come from rubberwood productions, its quality and its longevity is now recognized by the port authorities all around the world. Since 1901, Sumitomo has become one of the most powerful industries in the world in this field.