Our company offers global solutions adapted to any type of construction or repair of maritime structures. From the project to the commissioning of the structure, ETM accompanies you, both in the prescription phase and in the implementation phase.
In our approach to supporting our customers, we attach particular importance to after-sales service and we offer a maintenance service for our product range.


Custom design of docking and mooring systems

Design, calculation note, modeling, innovation… we are able to design our own systems.
Our company is focused on research and development to improve the existing and eventually rethink it. We use in our designs the so-called “blank sheet” principle, in order to leave room for new designs.
We filed several patents in 2017 and 2018, concerning new ship mooring systems, and use continuous improvement as a principle.
Our skills are varied and we are able to ensure the integration of electronic, computer, photovoltaic systems, and to work on “composite” materials, to innovate in the fields of docking and mooring of ships.


Research and development

Constantly listening to our environment, our teams develop, improve and imagine the systems and materials that will represent the port equipment of tomorrow.
Holder of several patents, we are in permanent movement in our field, mooring and berthing of ships as well as dedicated port infrastructures.



System maintenance

Our teams ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the systems installed, whether from a mechanical, electronic or computer point of view, remotely or on site.
Installation and updating of computerized mooring and berthing management systems.
Training of port personnel

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