Innovative Mooring system


A guide wire tensioned by a sub-surface float whose length corresponds to the amplitude of tidal range

A sliding cable connected to the surface by the buoy and maintained in tension by a counterweight mass.

316 L stainless steel set


Mooring system in situation

Assembly of mooring system

  • Locate the low cable (4.80 ml) and the high variable length cable
  • Extend parallel cables on the ground (Figure 1)
  • Assemble Swallow and Subsurface Float on Low Cable (Figure 2)
  • Assemble tensioner, strap on the top of the top cable (Figure 3)
  • Assemble Counterweights on the lower part of the top cable (Figure 4)
  • Identify anti-friction rings (Conical and Cylindrical) (Figure 5)
  • Position the low sliding plate assembling the cables above the swivel and the counterweight (Figure 6)
  • Assemble the plate making sure to position the conical ring on the counterweight side and the cylindrical ring on the swivel side. (Figure 7)
  • Repeat the operation for the high platelet by reversing the positions of the rings. (Figure 8 and 8b)
  • Secure the pads with the cable ties (Figure 9)
  • Lover the cables and store in the bags provided for this purpose


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