Hyper Omega Fender

Description : Hyper Omega Fender

The design of the exterior surface strengthens the base against deflection and gives an optimised reaction, and so a better energy absorption capacity from the first stages of compression. Its efficiency is also shown in the interior profile of the defence, by reducing the friction effect of the rubber envelope. This promotes a supple distortion allowing for control of reaction up to a very high level of deflection.

Défense Hyper Omega
Défense Hyper Omega

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  • HYPER ACE type Fender

    A fender which is popular for many applications except for very large ships.
  • Upi type Fender

    With enhanced deflection of up to 60% this fender can absorb more than 24% more energy than PI fenders.
  • Pi type Fender

    A fender fitted with a large low-friction shield, designed for docking large vessels like Roll-on Roll-off ferries, etc.

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